Our company has almost too many opportunities in the water resources, mining and environmental markets.

“Denary has helped our management group systematically plan and focus our strategic paths forward. Their practical guidance and effective processes enabled our team to define and commit resources to those key initiatives that we believe will produce the most future value. When we have needed better facts to understand our markets and competition, Denary has researched and prepared very thorough market studies and recommendations that “mapped the terrain” we were moving into. Now that we have begun implementing several new growth initiatives, Denary is supporting our efforts to grow organically and through well thought out strategic acquisitions.”

Dr. March Lavenue
Chairman and CEO, INTERA

During the last ten years we have experienced rapid growth and diversification worldwide.

“Denary has been a valued corporate development advisor to our company since 2007. Denary has helped us with many growth projects including business valuations, diversification studies, strategic plans and potential acquisitions. Denary has researched and prepared our company Confidential Information Memorandum for several years and Denary consultants have served on our Board of Advisors. I highly recommend Denary to any middle-market or emerging growth companies looking to grow rapidly and increase their market value.”

Johannes Brinkman
Chief Financial Officer, Member of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of AM Technical Solutions