Denary Executive Education Seminars

Denary is offering the following private Executive Seminars for CEOs and their executive team at your location. At your request, we can incorporate and discuss specific issues of special consequence to your firm. Executive Seminars are typically 1 1/2 hour long, but can be extended depending on the issues you want to discuss. To request a private seminar, please fill out the request form on the right. The fee is $1,500 regardless of the number of attendees.


The Keys to Value Creation and Long Term Sustainability – Valuable companies are also more sustainable. Sustainable companies are also more valuable. Companies in the top valuation quartile often sell for 300 – 600% more than firms viewed to be in the lower quartiles. There are a number of factors in a business that drive value. Some add value. Some detract from or erode value. Some are, sooner or later, value destroyers and even showstoppers. By taking a few impactful actions, a company’s leaders can begin to transition their firm toward the Top Quartile in a short period of time.

Benefits and Take Aways:

  • Key factors that add to or detract from business value and sustainability
  • Strategies and actions to accelerate value creation
  • Implementation disciplines to promote constant value improvement.


Strategic Positioning: Shared Vision – Mapping the Terrain – Options – Initiatives – First understand the “Right Thing To Do”. Only then, “Do the Right Things Right.” Company teams have either (a) developed or embraced a shared vision and common strategy grounded in generally agreed upon facts or (b) they have many different visions and individual strategies based on divergent views or the world. Only the former can build value and make a “game worth playing”. The latter is destructive to value and painful to all involved. There are a variety of concepts, approaches and tools that company teams can use to create shared vision, to develop effective value-directed strategies and to successfully implement value-creating initiatives.

Benefits and Take Aways:

  • Techniques and concepts for creating a shared vision
  • How to “Map the Terrain” your business operates within
  • Methods to create strategic options and reach agreement on practical strategies
  • Ways to ensure constant commitment to and successful implementation of initiatives.


Value Creation thru Acquisitions and Divestitures – Acquisitions are frequently risky, but when well-conceived and done well, can substantially increase a company’s value. Similarly, keeping a business unit that no longer fits or is irredeemably under-performing ties up valuable assets and is a drain on a company’s value. Both acquisition and divestiture decisions should only be made in the context of the Company’s value directed strategic plan. These transaction decisions are only a means to an end. They are tools in the “build – buy – asset utilization” calculus. There are a number of straightforward concepts and techniques that will improve the decision making about and execution of these strategic transactions.

Benefits and Take Aways:

  • Understanding of acquisitions and divestitures as a value creation tool
  • How to specify, identify and qualify desirable acquisition targets
  • Considerations when valuing the acquisition project and negotiating price.


Operational Excellence: Delivering on the Brand Promise Efficiently – Customers buy from a company because they believe and accept the supplier’s brand promise in the face of competition. To satisfy and retain customers, companies must very consistently deliver on and often exceed their brand promises. To also stay in business and remain competitive, companies must do that cost efficiently and with the minimal amount of assets necessary. Both delivering on the brand promise and doing it efficiently requires good organizational skills, well thought out and documented processes and effective teamwork and corporate culture.

Benefits and Take Aways:

  • Techniques and concepts for creating a compelling brand promise
  • Methods to ensure your firm consistently delivers on its brand promise
  • Concepts and techniques to infuse effectiveness and efficiency in your operations.
  • The impact of operational excellence on the value of your company


Building Execution Muscle: Commitment Based Management – Creating a compelling strategy is absolutely necessary for long-term value creation and sustainability. However, by itself it is not sufficient. Strategic clarity is only half the battle. Sufficiency comes from the execution capability and commitment of everyone in the organization. At the end of the day, execution is the “Holy Grail” of strategic success and operational effectiveness. High-performance execution requires the effective coordination of action throughout the organization by developing effective value creation processes, driven by extraordinary capabilities. This requires building a culture where everyone makes sincere promises and fully commits to the promises they make. This means everyone honors their word. When they say “Yes” they mean “Yes” and do “Yes”; they do not do “No”.

Benefits and Take Aways:

  • How to improve the coordination of action, and minimize dropping the baton
  • How to produce the results you want, when you want them
  • What it takes to build a culture of integrity and trust

Capturing the Value Created: The Competitive Sale Process
– Potential buyers tend to ask themselves three questions: “What would I be willing to pay?” “What can I pay” “What do I have to pay?” Valuable companies are sold every day for less than they might hope to otherwise realize because they or their advisors failed to insure prospective buyers can answer these three questions in a manner favorable to the seller. There are a number of concepts, techniques and methods a company can use to first prepare the company for eventual sale and then to conduct an energetic, competitive sale process that can improve the chances for a sale transaction satisfying to shareholders.

Benefits and Take Aways:

  • How buyers value companies – What adds to and detracts from the value buyers would be willing to pay
  • How to prepare a company for and Intentional Value Sale
  • How to structure and run a disciplined sale process that drives value at each stage

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