If you are anticipating a possible sale transaction for your company sometime in the future, a natural question you might ask yourself is “How much is my business worth?” However, this may not be the right question to ask.

The real questions are:

  1. Can you do something that causes buyers to value your company higher?
  2. How can you cause buyers to pay that number or much more?

Denary has identified 57 key factors that either contribute to or detract from value creation.

Have you noticed that valuation multiples (X Revenue; X EBITDA) for publicly traded companies and for acquisitions, both public and private, vary greatly. Sophisticated buyers and investors consider some companies as being worth only half the industry median, while they may happily transact with other companies in the same industry at twice, three times or more than the median. And the median multiples vary significantly from industry to industry and among industry sub-sectors.

Why is that? What makes the difference?

There is no magic or secret to building value. Accelerating value creation requires a broad, systematic solution. Denary’s Value Directed Approach™ gives companies a clear path to higher multiples and valuations.

Let us show you how.

Download The Denary Special Report “How to Increase Valuation 10X or More in 5 Years or Less”.

We’ll show you how Buyers categorize companies into groups – each with wildly varying median multiples.  Then, we’ll show you how you can influence this process and see what adds value, what detracts from value and what might be “show stoppers”.

We’ll show you how Buyers buy into the future of your company and how you can adjust these factors to articulate an attractive, credible, defensible future. Finally, you’ll see how we can help increase the perceived value of your company significantly in a short period of time.

Working with Denary

Typically, clients approach us to help them increase their revenue growth and improve profitability, the top two factors contributing to value creation. This often requires improvements in three areas:

  1. extending strategic capabilities
  2. optimizing internal processes
  3. Improving execution capability

Working with Denary, you gain a team of advisers with a wealth of proven experience in generating profitable growth and improving profitability.

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Download Free Special Report

“How to Increase Valuation 10X or More in 5 Years or Less”.