Value-Directed™ Operational Excellence

denary-process-02Operational excellence delivers on your brand promise and improves profitability by optimizing the core processes that drive organizational performance.Operational excellence is a key component to fulfilling your brand promise, internally funding growth and potentially increasing your company’s valuation multiples by 300% to 600%.
Download the Denary Special Report “Value Directed Operational Excellence” and learn:

  • The economic benefit of producing best in class performance.
  • What needs to be in place before you start?
  • How to assess your current level of operational maturity.
  • A six step process to improve operational excellence.
  • The impact of culture on operational excellence.

There are three fundamental steps to achieving operational effectiveness:

    1. Highly efficient and effective processes
        Disciplined process implementation rarely happens naturally. Many company processes are driven by “tribal knowledge,” which leads to recurring breakdowns and the inability to determine root causes and systematically improve the processes.
    1. Effective teamwork and leadership that is commitment based and action focused
        Many companies suffer from a lack of effective teamwork and leadership at critical points within the organization. Without excellent teamwork it is hard to achieve operational excellence and consistently live up to you brand promise.
    1. Highly effective cross-functional teams
        Many times interdepartmental teams are not cross-functionally integrated in an effective manner. Consequently, they fail to act as a cohesive team. While each team focuses on their objectives, they are not necessarily considering the impact of their performance, practices, or priorities on the other teams and the company.

We can help you enhance your operational excellence by:

        • Developing, establishing, measuring, and improving your fundamental value creation processes
        • Building highly effective, cross-functional teams to drive the processes
        • Developing the leadership needed to drive operational excellence
Process Maturity

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