Buy Companies


Acquisitions may play a critical role in your Value Directed™ strategy. If so, Denary can help you develop and execute a carefully conceived acquisition plan to rapidly create value and work towards growth and diversification goals.




We can assist with and advise you on each step in the process, such as the following:

  • Developing and implementing the best acquisition strategy for your business
  • Identifying prospects
  • Evaluating prospects for strategic fit in and impact on the company
  • Preparing buy-side support materials
  • Approaching and interesting targets
  • Securing needed information and analyzing the business
  • Valuing the target and suggesting terms of offers
  • Preparing the Letter of Intent
  • Supporting and conducting due diligence
  • Supporting negotiations
  • Assisting with financing (if needed)
  • Developing post-merger integration plan
  • Assisting with post-acquisition activities