Denary is led by former CEOs and business leaders of large and small organizations. When you engage us to work with your team, we jump start the process with your vision. We help you create a “game worth playing” and develop a Value Directed Strategy™ to increase your market value by 10x or more in 5 years or less.

We accomplish this with a three-step approach:

  1. Designing a Value-Directed Growth Strategy, which may include key acquisitions and the required growth capital.
  2. Facilitating profit acceleration by building operational excellence into your processes and team culture.
  3. Nurturing your leadership team and developing a new culture capable of overcoming the obstacles between you and breakthrough results.

Once you have created a game of your own, open and authentic dialogue paired with researched industry intelligence helps you come to terms with the “WHAT IS”and illuminates the field of play. Knowing where you are and envisioning where you want to go, we help you decide how you are going to win the game by:

  • Creating a Value-Directed Growth Strategy in support of your shared Vision.
  • Aligning your key value creation processes with your strategy
  • Building a team capable of winning the game you have created, including helping you recruit, vet, and on-board key players
  • Designing a value-based culture focused on execution excellence

At the appropriate time, we guide you to a liquidity strategy and position your company to capture this newly created value. We help achieve a competitively based market valuation by putting several qualified buyers through a disciplined sale process.

If you do not want to sell, but do want to realize some of the value you created, we design and execute a recapitalization strategy or other creative liquidity options.

This combination of value directed strategy, operational excellence, and culture development helps you achieve a higher valuation by moving toward the upper quartile of your industry.

If our passion for breakthrough results resonates with you, we would love to speak with you about your needs. Please, call us at 512-213-2008 to discuss what’s possible.


Denary Model