Barbary Brunner

Barbary Brunner has spent more than 25 years in technology building and leading world-class product and marketing teams that are equally in service of business and shareholder results and employee excellence, growth and satisfaction. Barbary believes that quality of business culture is inextricably linked to revenue success.

Before joining Denary, Barbary was CEO of the Austin Technology Council where she executed a turnaround of the 25-year-old organization, doubling membership and establishing a benchmark of growing 10 local tech companies to $1B in revenue in 10 years’ time.

Previously, she was Chief Digital Products Officer for MediaNews Group, the second largest newspaper conglomerate in the US. Under her leadership in sales, the team built and grew a digital advertising agency designed to give traditional newspaper advertisers better digital marketing opportunities with the company’s 54 publications across the US. Prior to this, she held the role of Senior Vice President of Marketing for Experian and CMO for an ecommerce business unit where she was responsible for brand, marketing communications, product management, customer acquisition and retention, and business intelligence and data.

Prior to this, as Vice President of Marketing and Strategy and CMO for Yahoo! Media, Barbary was responsible for rebuilding a marketing organization to support the growth of Yahoo!’s $1.2B Media business. In her first 6 months in the role, she grew the marketing team’s contribution to revenue from 4% to 28%, established SEO/SEM and marketing intelligence and insights as new disciplines within the team, and built strategic, revenue-driving partnerships across the Yahoo! network. She also identified a key under-served and under-monetized audience and was responsible for the creation and launch of a new Yahoo! channel that achieved $16M in revenue in year one.

Prior to this, she was Director of Global Planning for Microsoft’s MSN business. In this role Barbary led the team responsible for business planning and strategy for this $800M division of Microsoft. Long-term product and growth strategy, as well as planning for the technology platforms that supported this business fell under her organization. Directly before this, Barbary led product planning and design for a division of Windows Mobile where she earned a patent for her work on Microsoft’s SPOT smart watch technology.

Earlier in her career, as Executive Producer at Sierra Online, Barbary was responsible for growing the company’s Home Productivity software user business. Under her leadership, the division grew from 4 products to 11, and $4M to $70M in revenue in just over 2 years. In addition, she developed and executed key partnerships with Hallmark, Disney and Modern Bride, and achieved multi-month number 1 selling software titles world-wide.

In addition to these roles, Barbary has also been the Director of Product Development for a successful early-stage gaming company focused on the young female. More recently, she was CMO and a member of the senior leadership team that successfully took a mid-sized technology company through the go-public process. Barbary began her career in the early 90s as a Program Manager at Microsoft.

Barbary attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon and holds a patent on Previews of Information for Selected Download on Auxiliary Display.