About Us: Grow, Align, Capitalize

Denary works with leaders of companies that aspire to increase
their market value 10X or more in 5 years or less.

For owners and CEOs of high-tech firms, advanced industrial companies and leading scientific/engineering businesses, Denary’s Value Creation Process™ delivers a clear path to achieving this outcome.

As experienced CEO’s and CXOs ourselves, we help our clients develop and implement Value-Directed Business Strategies™ across the entirety of their businesses. As experienced investment bankers actively involved in M&A and funding transactions, we understand what justifies high values in the minds of buyers and funders.

We recognize that many company owners create and build their firms, with the idea of ultimately selling to capture their value. Whether your focus is value creation or capturing created value, we can help. Our team of business advisers and investment bankers uses a proven process to conceive and implement corporate development plans, as well as strategic transactions.

Who We Serve

We work with senior executives, owners, and the boards of directors of middle-market and emerging growth companies.
We work primarily with:

  • Industrial companies
  • Technology businesses
  • Business services

Our Proven Value Directed™ Strategic Planning and Execution Model

The Denary Model illustrates our process of accelerating and capturing value for mid-market firms.
We will help you:

  • Accelerate value creation
  • Acquire companies and secure funding
  • Develop a liquidity strategy and sell your company

Who we are

Our team includes successful CEOs, C-level executives, and/or senior corporate development executives in private and public companies. Each has run technology, industrial, or business services companies. All have extensive operating and advisory histories of initiating and implementing:

  • Organic (internal) growth initiatives
  • The purchase and sale of numerous companies
  • Funding (private equity, corporate, investors, and lenders)

We actively participate in buying, selling, and funding companies. And we understand the current dynamics, norms, and values of those markets.

Our team also has strong ties and access to corporate and private equity buyers and sellers, as well as institutional lenders worldwide. We use a variety of proprietary and public databases to scan and research markets, M&A prospects, and transaction partners.